A concept where circles close, 
building materials get managed to serve our clients
 that are looking for 
remountable or temporary solutions
to improve their homes or workspaces. 
You could see us as a material banker, where you can
buy, rent or lease 
building components that are safe, modern, healthy. 
On top of that you are guaranteed that these components and their materials are kept in life cycle loops we want 
to make last as long as possible on a level as high as possible. 

Our goal is set on 
avoid spilling of resources 
in the building business. And at the same time offer builders or renovators the benefit of healthy materials,  the freedom of change without a claim on their budget or guilty feeling. 
 If you are good for our components while they are in your hands, we will reward you when you are done with them. 
It's the circular economy baby!

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